Hi! I’m Amanda, and I am so happy you’re here! I’m a working mom of two (ages 4 and 7), and I love sweet treats, tacos & chocolate, running, crafting, and spending quality time with my family and friends. I care about protecting this beautiful planet and want to make this world a better place through kindness and connection with others. Read on to learn more about Dreaming Up Parties!

After several years of having friends at our parties say, “I could never throw a party like this!” and assuring them they could, and after some nudging from a very dear friend, I decided to create Dreaming Up Parties to help other people create their own awesome parties. What I love most about what I do is helping others uncover their own creative talents and experience the sense of pride and accomplishment when they realize, “Wow, I guess I actually can do this!” There are so many little fun, unique, memorable things you can do for a party that are actually easy to do!

So, we’re here to help you DIY your own party! We’ll share tips, tricks, tutorials, and advice to help you create fun, memorable, themed parties. Our goal is to make throwing a DIY party fun… without having it take up all of your limited free time.

And, if you want a little extra, personalized help, you can book our services. When you do, we will help save you your most precious commodity:time! We can find fun ideas for your party, simplify how to bring those ideas to life, create a personalized online shopping cart of items you might want to purchase for your party, share templates you can use and adapt, and more. Whatever your DIY Party needs are, we want to help you have FUN planning and hosting it so that you can create fabulous memories for your family, friends, and yourself!

Looking for some party inspiration? Check out our portfolio, and join our community on Instagram and Facebook! And if you’re ready to get started planning your party now, grab our Party Planning Checklist to make sure you remember all your fun ideas (it’s free!).

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