Check out photos from some of our favorite parties!

Rapunzel/ Tangled Party

Highlights include Jell-O “boat” treats and other themed food, a tower overlay on the house & tower photo-op, playing in cardboard boats, and a paint wall

Storybook Baby Shower

Sweet gender-neutral baby shower themed around mama’s love of books, for twins (boy and girl)

Brave/Merida Birthday

Adventurous “Brave”-inspired birthday party, with fun food and Scottish Highland Games!

Board Game Lover’s Party

Casual, small-group 40th birthday party celebrating the birthday boy’s favorite Euro-games with themed snacks and personalized decor

Little Dragon Party

Energetic dragon-themed party with lots of outdoor playtime, dragon costumes, and creative themed food

Princess Tiana Party

This Princess Tiana bayou birthday included detailed food and decorations, a “transformation station” costume area, make your own slime, and a masquerade craft

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