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Calling all HamilFans! Hamilton Party Ideas (6/29/2020) - Excited to watch "Hamilton" on Disney+? Throwing a Hamilton-themed party? Check out these fun ideas for food, decor, activities, and more!
Celebrating a Birthday at Home: Having Fun While Social Distancing (4/9/2020) - Are you or a loved one celebrating a birthday or special occasion and looking for ideas to make it fun when everyone is staying safe at home? We've got you covered with lots of ways to make it fancy, festive, fun, and fabulous!
10 Ways to Maintain a Positive Outlook (3/13/2020) - It's a little crazy right now, isn't it? We've rounded up 10 great tips to help you stay positive and enjoy life to the fullest.
Celebrating Leap Day! (2/29/2020) - Leap Day is a special day that only happens (almost) every four years - here are some idea for how to celebrate it!
Girl Scout Cookie & Wine Pairing Party (2/13/2020) - Oh, do we have a fun treat for you: fun, easy ideas for a cookie & wine pairing party! Grab a few friends, a few bottles of wine, and some girl scout cookies and get tasting!
10 EASY Halloween Party Treats (10/29/2019) - We've got ten super easy, last-minute Halloween treat ideas for you, including some healthier options and some indulgent ones!
Turning a Pumpkin Into BB-8! (10/26/2019) - Turn an oversized pumpkin pail into an awesome BB-8 costume for your toddler in just a few hours!
4 Fun Ways to Use Cardboard Boxes at Your Next Party (10/20/2019) - You probably have these in your home, garage, attic, or basement right now. But did you know you could use them in so many fun ways for a party?!
Craft: Dragon Wings (9/30/2019) - Check out this relatively easy, adorable tutorial for fleece dragon wings!
Allow me to introduce myself… (9/30/2019) - I'm sharing a little bit about myself, how I decided to create Dreaming Up Parties, and why it's "DIY Party Planning Support."

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