Ever find yourself wanting to throw a party, but feel like it’s just too overwhelming? Wondering what food to serve? What activities to have, if any? How to decorate? How to create a party your guests will enjoy (and even swoon over)? And how to get it all done with the little free time you have?

We’re here to help! We offer a wide range of services to save you TIME, MONEY, and ENERGY as you host your own awesome DIY party. With our help, you’ll have more time to relax and enjoy making memories with your loved ones and invited guests. (Check out our free party planning checklist!)

Wondering if we can help you with something for your party that you don’t see here? Feel free to reach out and ask! We love to help people have FUN planning a celebration, so we’re excited to hear how else we can help you do exactly that.

Book Our Services

Let’s chat! Want some help? Submit an interest form to let us know when your party is and what support services you’re looking for. We’ll reach out to schedule a 15-minute, free consultation to learn more about your party and what you’re looking for.

Deposit & Payment: After we chat, we’ll need a 50% deposit for you to confirm and book our services; the remaining payment will be due before final delivery.

Categories: All three packages below include ideas for five party categories: Food, Decor, Activities, Invitations, and Favors. If you’d like more in one category and fewer (or none) in another, that’s totally fine! Just let us know during your consultation.


What’s Included: All packages include ideas for five party categories: Food, Decor, Activities, Invitations, and Favors.

Want Something Different? We pride ourselves on providing you with exceptional, flexible service at a highly competitive, affordable rate. Have questions about our services or packages? Don’t see quite what you’re looking for? We’d love to help! Reach out to us here.

  • Custom, private Pinterest board with at least 25 inspiration ideas for your party (5 or more ideas for each category listed above)
  • Simplified instructions for 1 idea (See “A la Carte” for details)
  • Everything included in Party Basics
  • Additional 20-25 ideas (4-5 more per category), for a total of 50 ideas or more
  • Simplified instructions for 1 additional idea (2 total), OR custom party planning checklist
  • Everything included in Double the Fun
  • Additional 20-25 ideas (4-5 more per category), for a whopping 65-75 ideas
  • Any one add-on item from A la Carte below

A La Carte

Simplified Instructions: $15 each

(ask about a discount if you’d like multiple!)

  • Activity setup
  • Activity instructions
  • Food instructions (simplified recipe/assembly instructions)
  • Decor instructions
  • Anything else you need!

Have us make easy-to-use, step-by-step instructions so you don’t have to sift through paragraphs in blog posts to figure it out. We’ll create a list of simplified steps to make it even easier for you to execute any or all of the great ideas for your party. (Here’s a sample)

Customized Checklist $25

  • 3-4 weeks before
  • 1-2 weeks before
  • 1 day before
  • Party day

You can always grab our free general pre-party checklist, but if you’d like some planning tools that are specific to your party, we are happy to create those for you! You’ll receive a customized checklist covering all of the party timeframes listed above.

Customized Files: $25-50 each

(price is determined by level of effort)

  • Cupcake wrappers
  • Signs
  • Activity handouts/materials
  • Favor tags
  • And more!

We can create a variety of customized files for your party if you don’t want to spend the time making them yourself. After discussing what you’d like to have created, we will provide you with a quote for the exact price.

Party Outfit Ideas: $10

We love coming up with and finding great outfit ideas for the host or guest of honor to wear! We’ll give you 7-10 ideas to spark your creativity.

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